The power of Nature proven in Labs. For the Future.
Through the synergy of nature, science and innovation to the purest and heathiest products.

We are the first manufacturer of cosmetics in the world to formulate skin care products exclusively with plant waters instead of plain water. Plant waters are invaluable for the skin cells because they boost the cells’ natural life energy and regeneration ability by replenishing them with precious vitamins and minerals.
Phenomé 經過多年融會貫通及研究植物科研,注入獨一無二的「再生植物水」,將最優質的修護配方輸送到角質細胞,發揮傳導作用,讓肌膚滲透在最珍貴的高效成分中,達致全面的修復效果,讓肌膚滲透在最珍貴的高效成份中,美肌功效更見顯著
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